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Fireworks Cruise

Friday Fireworks display on Waikiki from Ocean Therapy
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Once you depart the harbor around sunset, this is your opportunity to experience the best front row seat in the house just off the shore of Waikiki on this private ocean view charter.  This unforgettable firework display lights up the evening sky with its reflections on the water and makes for a memorable colorful light show on your Friday evening.   This 120 minute excursion on Fridays includes complementary appetizers, snack tray, soft drinks and water. BYOB.


Capacity Min 3 ppl / Max 6 ppl


Check in: 6:45pm

Departs: 7:00pm

Friday Night Waikiki Fireworks 

Dazzling bursts of color illuminate Waikiki's night sky in celebration.
Vibrant pyrotechnic display dances above Waikiki, reflecting on Pacific waves, enchanting the night with brilliance.
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