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IV  Ocean Therapy Cruise

Snorkelers about to get into the waters of Turtle Canyon
Guest watching Spinner Dolphins play infront of Ocean Therapy's Bow
Guests receiving their IV Therapy after their snorkel excursion
Guests giving the Shaka for his IV Therapy session

 Welcome to a journey of ocean breeze, IV liquid hydrations, and therapeutic recharging.  Experience the sun, waves, and vitamin C (sea) through the healing hydration of ocean therapy and a proven holistic approach.  This is your 2 ½ hour opportunity to reboot, rejuvenate, and experience the connection between the earth, water, and sky.  This ultimate experience begins with your ocean excursion for 90 minutes, swimming and snorkeling among the marine wildlife off the healing waters of Kawehewehe, followed by a slow casual return to the harbor.  Once we are back ashore, the next 60 minutes will begin your therapeutic treatments. Book your journey and infusion with IV Ocean Therapy and unlock your holistic potential to wellness. All infusions are conducted upon return after the 90 minute ocean excursion.

You will be redirected to our Sister Company where you will chose your IV Treatment and add ons. Once booked you are automatically booked on the ocean excursion for that date and time.


Want to learn more?

The Ocean encompasses boundless medicinal benefits. Hawaiians honor the ocean, understanding it as a therapeutic, limitless reservoir of health. Saltwater contains all of life’s vital elements with the dynamic massage of the sea.

IV Ocean Therapy focuses on restoring the body via the use of natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, tripeptides, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients combined with the awesome healing powers of the ocean. Our holistic approach to wellness encompasses the totality of restoring balance of the mind, body, and spirit to live life with vitality!

You will be directed to our IV therapy website when you select Explore now. 

IV Ocean Therapy Logo and link
Ocean Therapy cabin and guests relaxing after sunset cruise
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Anti Aging IV Therapies
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